WEBCAST: Bryan Cohen performs book description magic

There's nothing like watching a wizard show you how he performs magic. That's the feeling we got as we watched Bryan Cohen critique our viewers' book descriptions in real-time! If it still doesn't sound like your cup of tea, hire Bryan and his team to write a...

WEBCAST: Dave Chesson is the Keyword Master!

We were thrilled to speak with Dave Chesson of KDP Rocket, an author, entrepreneur and MAJOR nerd! Get the latest scoop on keywords, categories and the evolution of the Amazon API.

WEBCAST: AMS Ads with Bonnie Paulson and Elana Johnson

John and I got to speak with Bonnie Paulson and Elana Johnson about how to get your AMS ads rockin'! The two bestselling authors run a workshop that John has taken and he's found it to be really helpful to his business. If you're interested in learning how to make AMS...

WEBCAST: Author Alchemy Biz Ops with Joe Solari

We had a chance to sit down with Joe Solari to talk about the nuts and bolts of treating your writing like a business. We met Joe when we first launched ReaderLinks. He was impressed with what we're trying to do with the service. We spent some time with him, talking...

WEBINAR: How to manage your Reader Team with ReaderLinks

Are you curious about how ReaderLinks handles Reader Team/ ARC Team/ Street Team projects? The first set-up will take you about 30 minutes. From that point on you'll hit the road running within five minutes. It's a great tool. See what the buzz is all about and click...

WATCH: Tracking sales on ReaderLinks

John and Ben talk about how to track sales with ReaderLinks. What should you look out for? How can you get the most out of the data you see? Oh yeah, and Twitter! Tracking sales on ReaderLinks from The Author Helper on Vimeo.

ReaderLinks Webinar: How to manage links in ReaderLinks

One of the top questions we get from customers is, "How do we manage links in ReaderLinks?" We've built a system that is very book-centric, which makes it a powerful tool for book marketing. Here's how to use it for your author business...

ReaderLinks KDP Sales Data

A question that comes up now and then is, "How does RL handle the sales data coming in from KDP?" Before we get started in answering that question, please note ReaderLinks uses the actual data from service reports, such as KDP, to build an income picture. We use...

WATCH: Set up your ARC Team (i.e. Beta/Reader Team) the right way

ReaderLinks ARC feature from ReaderLinks by The Author Helper on Vimeo. We call them ARC Teams (for Advanced Reader Copy). Or Reader Teams. Or Beta Teams. But, in the end, they're our tribe! We love the support and help that a Reader Team supplies us. So we wanted to...

Learn how to run a Reader Team with ReaderLinks!

We're delighted with the response to ReaderLinks so far! We're already hearing stories about how it's helping authors get a handle on their business. John and I want to run a series of webinars for you. We hope you'll join us. They'll focus on tackling the biggest...

Simplify your publishing process with ReaderLinks

Most of today's authors use a pile of software and services to track their writing business. Google Calendar for scheduling, To-Doist for tasks, Excel to track promotions, a text file to keep notes, Buffer to automate tweets. There are dozens of options out there for...

How libraries can help authors sell more books

We’ve been hypnotized by the power of social media to get the word out about our books.  It is, indeed, a powerful tool. But if your dream is to make a living with your books then local library branches are invaluable.

Prep your book for its KDP Select free promo days

A step-by-step guide, with best practices! Once you sign up for KDP Select and figure out what you can do with your exclusive Amazon ebook, you may find a small bump in the road. Actually it may look more like a big, honking wall. The wall is spray painted with large...

Author tip: How to use Hashtagify

Here’s a quick run-through of Hashtagify. What is it? How can it help authors tweet better? I answer these questions and more! Or less!

Interviewing your characters

Want to breathe life into your characters? Looking for more than just the flat, one-dimensional voice that seems to keep coming out? There’s a solution to this that’s both fun and enlightening!

The fundamentals of Facebook for authors

You know what we love around here? We love things that work. If it helps us sell books, our hearts flicker aflutter. But you know what we love more than things that work? Simple things that work.

Use Google Sheets to track your book’s issues

I don’t know about you, but when I hand my pre-releases out to my Launch Team, I end up getting a bunch of emails with fixes. This is great, but I’m often juggling all the reports and wishing there was a way to streamline things a bit. Turns out that there is!

Building reader surveys using Google Forms

Reader surveys are a great way to get feedback from that mailing list you’ve got running. But how exactly do you go about doing a survey? There are many options out there, but if you’re looking for some quick, easy, and FREE… check out Goolge Forms.

The Author’s Creed

Some things never change. As authors, it's a good thing to know which of those things apply to us. Look at it this way. It's a noisy world, with busy people and seven seconds of attention span to spread out among them all. There are new tools, tactics, networks,...

Check out our podcast, ‘You Should Be Writing!’

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Humor author John Logsdon and I (Ben Zackheim) are having a blast with our new author podcast! It’s called You Should Be Writing! (With the exclamation point! Just because!) We’re up to episode 2 and each one has been more fun to do than the last....

Amazon Blurb Preview Tool

This tutorial will show you how to use the ablurb tool so that you can preview what your Amazon descriptions will look like *before* you post them.

Custom Table of Contents

If you have the Mac version of Scrivener, this tutorial will show you how to set up a manual table of contents for your book bundles.

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