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At last count, Author Helper Suite had 25 tools, with many features not provided by the competition. Here’s an overview.


KDP Sales Tracking

Use the AHS KDP Tool to pull sales data every 15 minutes. Historical data all the way back to the start of your KDP account can be included with a single click.

Read/Sell-Through Reports

Once you have the sales data, AHS provides a report that shows you how many readers are moving from one book to the next. This is key to understanding your business.


Series Performance

Measure the overall success of your series’ ads and promotions with a simple star rating system. In one glance you’ll see when a series is over-performing or slipping.

Profit Trends

Get a clear view of how profits are moving with the Profit Trends report. Is it time to cut an ad spend or is it time to spend more? With ROI (Return on Investment) in mind this report is a must.

Rate of Change

Rate of Change is important to spot momentum. Select a timeframe and see if the trends you’re seeing are part of a larger movement in your promotion efforts.

Historical Breakdown

Use this report to track week-over-week comparisons of income. This will help you easily spot trends and key markers such as new ad spends.

Ads CTR Analysis

Track the Clickthrough Rate (CTR) of your Amazon and Facebooks ads PER BOOK. No need to crunch the numbers to get the details you need.

ACX Support

Upload your ACX report to see several monthly reports such as Revenue by Marketplace, Revenue by Type, and Revenue by Book.

Other Income

Do you make revenue from conventions, merchandising, or website sales? Just add it with this tool and we’ll track it for you.

Other Expenses

Track your spending to get a handle on where your money is going. Online promos, cover design, PA salary – this tool has it all.

Book Calendar

Use the Book Calendar to stay on top of tasks and events critical to your business.

Promo Tracking

Mark your promos in the Calendar, enter the amount spent, make notes on best practices and (when the promo is over) give the promo site a star rating. 

Core Tasks

Every book launch has dozens of tasks. Identify which tasks are core to your business and those tasks will automatically be added to your to-do list for your next launch.

Book Links

Craft book-specific links with the click of a button. Assign the link a specific purpose, add an affiliate code and be confident that the reader will go to the right store in the right country.

Custom Links

Custom Links are perfect for contests, email signatures, or any marketing effort you undertake that is related to your brand, rather than a book/series.. 

Automatic Links

Make an Automatic Link and it will be created for ALL of your books. This is a huge time-saver if you put links in the back of your books.

MyBooks Page

Provide your readers with a one-stop shop to buy or review your eBooks, paperbacks and audiobooks across all major stores

ARC Teams Management

ReaderTeams is a customer-favorite tool that helps you manage your team of readers. The tool includes a customer-facing page to give feedback.


Track Reviews

ReaderTeams provides your readers with a simple way to write their reviews before launch. When you’d like them to post, you can send them a note that you’re ready for their help.

Track Book Issues

Your team of readers can easily report issues on a per-chapter basis. They can also see if the issue has already been reported by another team member.

Track Team Performance

Get insights into who participates and who doesn’t. Make notes that help you keep track of special situations.


Book Notes

Every book is a big project. Make notes about a book’s launch, any new readers of note that it attracted and any other detail that you may need to remember later. 

AHS Scale

Have fun tracking your success with our scale. When you reach a certain revenue you (and ONLY you) can see your new standing. Easy to turn off on bad months 😉

Facebook Pixel

Your links can work with the Facebook Pixel giving you extra insights on the Facebook Dashboard. NOTE: Changes to iOS have impacted this feature, though it still has benefits.


Affiliate Codes

Add affiliate codes to your links from Amazon, Apple and Google Play to maximize revenue.

KENP Page Rate

Adjust the assumed KENP rate and experiment with your KENP revenue from last month before the monthly rates are announced. 


We love adding useful features to AHS. We’re authors too! Join our Facebook Page and let us know what you’d like to see added.


Choose a Plan that Works for You

The Author Helper, LLC was started to help authors succeed. Our pricing structure for Author Helper Suite is built with that in mind. We want to be an affordable asset in your business’ toolbox. 

Sign up for a free trial and take our class at the Author Helper Academy

The Author Helper Suite is a powerful tool and it takes some investment of time on your part to get the most out of it. For that reason, we’re offering FREE classes that will teach you all about AHS. In the process, you’ll see how the input from hundreds of authors spotlighted the ingredients to a successful career as an author. Those ingredients are baked into AHS’s set of features..


Here are the questions we hear most often.

How does the free trial work?

The trial lasts for 30 days. No credit card is required to sign up. You’ll have full access to all the tools AHS offers, including link creation, ReaderTeams, KDP sales, PA access and more. Over the 30 days you’ll receive emails with tips on how to use the system. Highly recommended!

I don't see a feature I need. How often do you release new tools?

There’s no schedule set in stone when it comes to new features. We’re always listening to the community and want to make sure we provide the best tools for authors. The bottom line is we are always releasing new features and our ears are always open.

Didn't you used to be the link service ReaderLinks?

Yup! The problem with our old name is that we were not just a link service but people thought we were. We’ve been providing an expansive toolset since 2017 but our name implied we just provided marketing links. We still do! But we also have a couple dozen other tools for your author business.

Can I cancel at any time?

You can cancel your trial or your membership at any time.

How does AHS work?

We’re a subscription service that provides a suite of tools for tracking your marketing efforts. This suite includes link tracking, ReaderTeam management, Promotion Tracking to see which promotional sites have done well for you and KDP book sales. See theauthorhelper.com for more detailed information. If you have any questions not covered here submit a support request.

Do you only support Amazon KDP?

No. You can have your book available on any service, including print. You’ll be able to create links for marketing, manage ReaderTeams, and use the promo and calendar features. The only feature you will not be able to use for non-Amazon marketplaces is the AHS KDP Tool which pulls data directly from Amazon. Sales for other marketplaces need to be added manually using our Other Income feature.

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